Sunday, March 25, 2007

just another night at beach..

pictures, pictures
coz pictures always convey what words cannot..

darren.. and his usual red shirt.. i dunno how many pics i have of darren wearing this shirt.. i think we need to contribute to his wardrobe and get him another polo..
the girls.. and an extra..
mark has cool tats.. =p
alfie + me
i have no idea how this happened.. but sharon said something along the lines of pls dun take a pic of me drunk.. explains the hand.. but not the so-chai andy at the back... i think he was drunk

faizal burnt his jeans with his cigg.. i dunno how the boy manages to do funny things like that
darren trying to impress on the dance floor..
sean.. was actually pretty drunk...
my partner in crime.. thank god she came high and liquoured up.. haha
this is iggy's new pose.. dun ask me why.. it's not like he's going to throw up..

vicky + tina+ me

before leaving.. another pic..

o and thanks so much to iggy and sharon for taking care of me.. although i wasn't drunk i just wasn't feeling very well at beach. so hugs* to the both of you.. =)

anyway on thursday i had a kinda dinner party and a few ppl turned up (cK, tina, vince, chris and pfei) and they said the food was pretty right now i'm thinking of having a house-warming, so anyone reading this pls tell me what you think and whether it's a good idea and would you all come to my place and eat food i cook?i think i cook alright, as in it tastes pretty good to me.. but you can be the judge of that..

and if anyone wants to visit, my housemate hung just bought a nintendo wii.. it's actually pretty addictive, so if you wanna try it out you're more than welcome, with prior notice that is..

heart* lyn

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