Monday, March 12, 2007


ok ok i just read tina's blog and she's demanding for the pictures from last week's club session @ beach

so here they are..

ck bastardized my picture.. major basket-ness

me and wyn's effort in trying to look gangsta.. not really working is it??
is anyone even afraid of that look?? sigh** don't think so...
ok.. well not a lot i know.. wasn't really bothered with cam-whoring tho.. wonder why..
and to anyone who has been wondering i still have a g-list @ beach so pls pls pls help loads go under it!!
anyway it's been a good week..
went to boulevard last night and well turned my stomach inside out thanks to a certain tai lo who loves buying champagne, and as well as making me feel so much better about some things..
you just gotta love iggy.. his lovableness is to the extreme
but no pics tho coz i didn't bring trusty canon
don't really wanna show pics of me making fountains you know..
and thanks to paul for draging my ass home.. even though his ass was also not-that-sober
and friday night was good with tina, vince, pfei and elaine @ lin control
good company good wine.. what more can one ask for
and i also finally met mic mic!! after like 6 months or so of not seeing her..
see.. it's been an awesome week
with me being good and attending all my classes too!! haha
hearts =) lyn

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miss vanity said...

u did a fountain? and to think i missed the moment. :(