Wednesday, March 07, 2007


getting up early in the morning to attend early morning lectures
(i still consider 10am lectures too early, but 11 am ones alright)

i hate waiting in ques for more than 10 minutes

i hate people staring at me when i walk in late for my tutorials. as if i am some kinda alien that walked into their class

i hate not having any chocolate around me
(there are so many easter eggs in my room now, but i still want more!!)

i hate not being able to get onto the internet

i hate shifting
(but i think my new place looks quite nice now.. so you guys are officially welcomed to visit now..)

that's all the things that i hate for now. although some might say that hate is a strong word.. alright then.. dislike.. better?

anyway.. pyee is a really nice housemate.. she cooks for me whenever i have late tutorials and stuff. this semester although i have 2 days off i have 2 late days where i can only come back at around 6pm.. bummer..
truthfully i like cooking so much better! it's great that i don't have to deal with anymore crappy college food.
major bonus this year. can't imagine how good that feels!

i seriously wished it was a holiday already even though i have only been to 2 weeks worth of uni. somewhere on a beach lazing around sounds fantastic. i really desperately want to go to bali by the end of this year. save save save $$$..
sometimes i wish i had unlimited $$ who doesn't?? ahh all the shopping sprees!

tata for now

heart =) lyn

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