Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i wanted to post this up yesterday but for some reason my wireless connection wasn't working properly.. =(

so today i get to post up all the pictures from last night's dinner at ying thai.. and a chill-out with alky sess @ yatch bar (but no pics from yatch bar tho..)

haha i got the cake for him and he looks happy with it.. everyone was saying that is was a good choice coz it was seriously good cake.. =)

now everyone take a good look at the old man

another group picture..
i just needed to put this up.. if you look carefull, faizal is actually wearing my stars earing.. and yea he's keeping it now.. hahaha!!

so now i have to get a new pair of stars earings to go with my hearts necklaces.. **sigh**

these days i feel like i'm so busy with uni! although my assignments are only due in a months time i'm already stressed!!

the people in my tutes make me so super stressed it's not funny!! stuck in absolute geek-dom at the moment

ok i'm off to study now.. i'm being totally serious.. tata!!

heart =) lyn

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