Tuesday, March 27, 2007


haha today i managed to make some really yummy bah-kut-teh.
how yummy was it one may ask? it had about 3 kilos of meat in it and now it's all gone thanks to hung, py, peter, mike, kim, darren and leon.

proof that i am originally from klang. no denying it. i make awesome bkt!
haha.. other than that i'm still obssesed with the WII!!
stupid leon, called it y.. how can wii = y?? huh? huh?? leon you tell me!!

i think i have entered domesticated mode. i mean i have cleaned the whole entire house, nearly finished upholstering the sofa and cooked! wow.. never imagined myself doing any of these things before, but i have to say they give me quiet a work out. coz i've been eating A LOT and i still look ok.. i think i look ok.. as in not FAT! and if i can still fit into my bettinas i'm a happy lyn!

heart* lyn

p.s: jj glad that you like it. erm i think you better go to the original shop and ask them if it is possible to adjust the size and for god's sake please don't ruin it with perfume or shit like that. hugs*

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