Saturday, March 17, 2007


i bet everyone's now thinking that whoa.. lyn's being really good and studying really hard..
well, actually this is how croft institute looks like

it's a bar designed to look like a laboratory..

i admit it has a pretty cool atmosphere, although it is located in one of the dodgiest alleys i have ever walked into.. my partners in crime all thought i was going to sell their asses before they saw the bar.. damn i feel like they have no trust in me!
o well then let me introduce you to my partners in crime..

the most interesting thing is that the toilets are named department of female/male hygiene

and there are surgical beds in the bathrooms! but no pictures tho.. which pervert takes pictures of those?? huh? huh? ewwww to you!!

anyway the only dissapointing bit about this place is

a) you have to pay a $8 entry coz it's a friday and

b) the drinks are not served in test tubes and beakers as i was led to believe

but the drinks were still pretty nice tho..

anyway.. it was an ok night.. but i'm still wondering what would have happened if i went to beach... hmm.. being good i think.. but for how long??

heart =) lyn

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