Monday, March 12, 2007


dragged the bf to the last day of moomba to see the fireworks and maybe for the first time try to get lucky and win a stupid stuffed toy..
no luck with the toy (unlike tina) having 0% skill with such carnival games (i swear they're rigged)
but got to see one of the most awesome firework shows ever!
(the best being the new year's eve one in disneyland - it had tinkerbell in it!!)

so although it was a freezing night i can't complain.. had a front row seat to watch pretty fireworks... N-I-C-E!
only thing was although i did bring the trusty ixus.. i freaking forgot to load the sd card into it
therefore no pictures

i know.. stupid me.. >_<

heart =) lyn

ps: tina, thank god you weren't there to see me fountain.. it was embarrasing enough
and about the ribena-vodka day you pick a day k? and i'll be there!

1 comment:

miss vanity said...

saturday sounds like a good day to me unless u decide to fountain on a friday. then it will have to be a sunday. let me know! :P