Tuesday, June 05, 2007


always always read!! fine print especially when that fine print is part of your essay
damn the fine print la!! mrPretty your fine print aint' all that pretty you hear me!! damn you la! coz of you one day late the freaking essay

200 lines of poem done
poetry journal for the semester compiled and done.. although could be neater la..
but wait.. this one is in fine print
commentry on the styles of poetry you used while writing your final assessment

emo with my tutor now.. ok completed now.. handing it in tomorrow..

i am feeling deprived of something.. it feels like hmm.. a SOCIAL LIFE??
damn this la every week go clubbing one week didn't go already said deprived.. something is wrong.. really really wrong with my system..

o wait last week i did go to loft.. but does it count when i went for 30 mins only?? no!!

fuk exams la!!

wait cannot be like this... i love uni.. I LOVE UNI!! i love study.. I LOVE STUDY!! woosaa.. ok back to work


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