Tuesday, June 05, 2007


ok by now most people i know have heard of these fantastic cupcakes from cuppacakes..
if not then go click on the website

so i plot-plot to see how to get them:

sms WHY first to check:

hey you having your birthday in kl again right??
WHY: yea think so dunno when tho
me: like that would you like a cake/cupcakes?
WHY: up to you..
me: i like cupcakes!! but it's your birthday.. what would you like.. if you dun tell i'll buy you sushi!! coz i know you hate sweet stuff
WHY: err.. anything you like
me: ok tell me the date earlier so got time to book it
WHY: ok will tell you soon

can anyone guess what he is getting for his.. err 3rd birthday party? hahaha

haha so damn smart to plot-plot.. (^_______________________^)
i finally get to try them.. suppose to get them for v-day but the person didn't get the hint
damn fail-la that plot but never mind this time i will succeed!!

if not got CrystalKryst's 21st to plot-plot.. muahahaa!!

i will get those damn cupcakes no matter what!!!!

other than that reasons to go home:

1. family
2. alex's wedding
4. shopping is cheaper *nice!*

ok can't wait.. less than 2 weeks now..

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