Saturday, June 23, 2007

ps: From where you want to be

ok back in humid ass malaysia for a week now.. rarely been online because the internet connection is as usual.. terrible and yes i have been busy. one of my other halves BestieJes just left for penang.. so i've finally got some free time for nothing!

anyway most of you would have gotten my phone no. already i hope.. i did send everyone a sms.. hopefully not forgetting anyone..

been out and about shopping a little and the count so far ~ 4 dresses, 1 top and a pair of really cute shorts! (maybe some pics of them later)
see MissT! if you were back here the shopping would have been cheaper! and TopShop is carrying the kate moss line.. i remember seeing it on your blog sometime ago and i knew that you like it.. so see another reason for you to come back =P

still i'm wondering how 7 is going on and i'm sitting in on a friday night too tired to go out.. smart me went out so many times on the weekday that i'm tired now.. ish* went to lunar & zouk on a wednesday. yes part holiday crazy already..

now i should go to a beach somewhere.. and just relax.. ahh.. then my holiday will be perfect

and yes i'm still craving those darn cupcakes! someone please direct me on how to get to the pick up place?! or at least take me there!!
tomorrow night.. i'll be at laundry @ curve for some event.. so if anyone is interested in meeting up call! but i'll be there at night ok.. not the day..
KinkyCharles is having some stage time so i'll be going to support him.. he's the guy with really really red hair if nobody knew.. yes the super beng looking one.. hahaha.. ok charles dun kill me for that comment ok?
and he's giving away err.. dai fu (i'm not joking ok!)

heart* lyn

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