Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i've got this nagging question at the back of my head

what is it i want?

i know the answer is there somewhere but i can't seem to find it. i want to be happy, yet i don't know how. i want to protect what i have but i seem to have lost it even before i found it. why does it hurt so much in the end but in fact it is really just nothing in the beginning..
then in the end is it too late to repair what is broken?

sigh* forgive the ranting.. it's just a rant.. no need to cause alarm..

i'm alright still ok!! alive and well

*waves excitedly all the way from kl*

how's things everybody.. wherever you are??

been up to a lot.. alex's wedding is this week.. excited much!!
yes i know my blog has been dead no pretty pics what-so-ever..

but this is not my laptop and i haven't taken pics of my new dresses..

but i'd just like to say HI! to everyone and tell all the melbournians I MISS YOU!!~

ok nothing much to talk about coz i have been really boring.. doing nothing but watch movies and yes do a little shopping coz the megasales are on. i have only a few more movies to tick off the list and then i dunno what else to do after that.. so yes i'm a bit bored..

maybe i'll post the wedding pics in the next entry..

heart* lyn

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