Sunday, June 03, 2007


this is so CrystalKryst feels special.. haha. i bet she's got this look now:


especially since her exams are over..

and i think that she might be a bit bored since everyone's got exams and no one to entertain her. but my exams just started, so here are some stats on my current condition..

retardedness level : 85%
well above the normal levels of 2%

stress level : 60%
i need a relaxing holiday when i go back to kl!!
that means shopping and hanging out with you, you and you.. you know who you are...

moodiness level : 80%
elevated due to something.. not sharing this info..

procrastination level : has gone down from 50% to 20% at the moment..

ability to function like a normal person : 30%

currently listening to: dashboard confessionals - stolen
( i tried uploading the video for youtube but it doesn't seem to be working if anyone knows how to pls tell!!)

other than that, WHY's gotten me into micheal buble's new album - call me irresponsible
oops.. i didn't thank him for burning me that cd yet..

*although i doubt that you'll be reading this anytime soon*

anyway i don't think there'll be updates for the next week or so because BestieJes i coming over tomorrow and there is exams and also going home after that. so if i can fit blogging in there somewhere i would as a form of procrastination i suppose...

someone gave me the inspiration to write this and i thought it sounds good. it's even one of my favourite parts in my end essay for the semester so i thought i'd share it with you...

under the moonlit sky
during this hour of enchantment
while pan plays his flute
and fairies dance in the woods
i just want to be with you

see kryst! i *heart* you so much i updated for you!!

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