Monday, January 28, 2008

how to create a grumpy bitch

some idiot rang my phone at 3.45am this morning.
you think just cause it's supposedly a public holiday today that i don't have to work is it?
well just to let you know i am here sitting at my desk having to work half the day.

so i really don't appreciate the fact that i don't know who the fuck you are and having you disturb my sleep at 3.45 in the morning just to ask me some personal questions about my love life.

yes the idiot actually asked the following:

are you sleeping at the moment?
(well what do you think you big fat prick? it's nearly 4am)
is anyone sharing your bed with you?
(omfg! what do you think?)

sadly my ability to swear when i'm half asleep is reduced to zero.
so unable to form even half a proper answer i asked him:
who are you?

to which i go the answer omar. from taylors you know me thru jason.
er.. who? i don't know you and i definitely don't know a jason from taylors.

i just hung up on this pointless call.
5 minutes of my sleep wasted. just like that
no wonder i'm a grumpy bitch today

i suppose this is just a warning to any smart alecs who decide to call me in the morning disturbing my beauty sleep when it's not an emergency
i'll only have 2 words for you : fuck off.

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