Wednesday, January 30, 2008

now and then...

i suppose one of the few reasons that makes working part-time worth it would be this.

having dinner with friends at rockpool*click*.
opened by famous aussie chef neil perry.

went there with the ShawSisters & Gummi Bear last night.
the food was incredible. proscuitto ham n figs, oysters and goat cheese tortellini as appetizers followed by my main of Wagyu Beef steak. coupled with wine it's just the kinda meal that makes my week.

i was stuffed and completely happy. god i sound like a pig. but i welcome the extra weight with open arms.


i got the message sometime last night that you were back from europe.
i miss hanging out with you guys heaps. i admit i've been a shiteous friend for falling off the grid for a year now even tho i'm in melbourne and most of you are too.

it just brings back all these memories

of the time when i was a chimney and everyone tried forcing me to quit. fat penny was so pissed/drunk one night he took the ciggie and butted it out on his palm. his stunt actually made me stop puffing for quiet some time.

of the times during exams and i'd hand out loads and loads of gummies and sugary substances+caffeine out to everyone. the sugar shock kept them from falling asleep, thankfully no diabeties symptoms were diagnosed in anyone.

whatever happened to all those good ol' times of drunken debauchary, watching movies till early in the morning and just bumming around in the sun??
i suppose we all just grew up and grew apart.

sad ain't it?

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