Friday, January 04, 2008

welcome back long-lost-now-found brotha/machai

finally!! welcome back my long-lost-now-found-again machai!!
here was how our reunion went:

theMachai : no la! i cannot drink already la! i stopped heavy drinking
me: where got machai quit drinking? nonsense!! you used to drink like a cow ok!
theMachai : hahah. ok ok one pint only! one! OK? and must be smoking place. i come back to melbourne everywhere non-smoking damn stupid la!
me: ok ok..

we meet at loft about 2 hours later.
and talked bull the entire night. i haven't seen him for a year. but he's still the same old lovable machai.
i know it sounds contradicting cause machai's are usually meant to be, wel.. gangsters. but this one is an exception i suppose, cause i'm on his good side.

the reunion turned out to be 2 hours and 2 jugs of beer long.
his perception on things : it's cheaper to buy by the jug la!
we are so damn fail.

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