Monday, January 14, 2008

Picture Diarrehea

meet, the Geisha, asian Dita Von Tes & the Playboy bunny
- Halloween @ se7en

this is how i spent my new years - beach bumming

partial ex-lethian / 3Ds - missing one reunion
would have been a perfect picture if BFFngJJ was there!!

the party bunch @ se7en

beach loving gals
i know, i know. i have a little tummy belly at the moment. shut up la ok! the camera adds on 5 pounds!

with the DocBoss

with the gummi bear

party all night long @ se7en
btw i have gum in my mouth. that's not my tongue turned white like TessyBlu thinks

the Birthday dinner

the Diva and the Dork
Dato BFFngJJ.. i miss you!


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