Monday, February 05, 2007

toshiba is repaired!

wopee!! alright mah-baby is up and running again but the whole com got reformatted so for those who asked me for copies of pics just wait a lil' while more.. can??
for those who are wondering how i made the money, well it's through this

every year mum always asks me to wrap hampers.. this year syiok! only need to wrap cookies instead.. so there! pretty? wish you got a box of cookies like these then can feel a bit more of the gong xi fa chai spirit.. even if the cookies were not that nice to eat, wrap until like this will make anyone think it's very tasty! haha..
so the exchange was i do this for her, she repair toshiba!

alright now toshiba is back i promise to update more.. there are so many pictures i need to put up!! o well.. there'll be time for that.. but now i have to clean house.. make the house look pretty for cny =)

hearts + stars =) lyn


miss vanity said...

Wow! the wrapping looks nice. I like the second one out of the two. Yay! Toshiba is fixed. :)

lyn said...

haha thanks tina!! i'm happy that toshiba got fixed too!
=) see you thursday k!