Thursday, February 22, 2007

i know it's a little bit late and as usual i'm a little bit slow.. but hey give a girl some credit for trying to blog when her little bro and sis are continuously hogging the computer playing maple story
anyway like i said.. happy chinese new year everyone!! i hope everyone has had a good time gambling and collecting ang pau!
i know i have! been pigging out like crazy! now i feel fat.. but it's once a year where i eat like this ok?? so yea.. when i get back to melbourne i shall start jogging.. in kl a lil too hot for jogging.. want me to die of dehydration by jogging out in that heat?
*if kim-bear reads this.. he'll just go so lazy!! excuses only.. you where got exercise one?? sigh** i need to keep at least one new year's resolution!
anyway.. these were taken a while back but i didn't post them up soon enough.. like i said.. when you have a bro and sis addicted to an online game it's nearly impossible to get the com to yourself for a good 1/2 and hour. and i think that the cny decorations for the curve are the best! it's all pink! and oh-so pretty!

so sleepy after a night out... hehe =)

oh and this chinese new year a little bit of my ah-lainess emerged.. truthfully i never really understood what ah-lain honestly meant, but the kim-bear explained that it was sort of an asian-bimbo thing.. so please correct me if i am wrong about this..
so the ah-lian in me went with my mum to the manicurist in 1-u and got our mails painted..

if you think mine is really wow with all the crystals and stuff.. my mum's is even more kuah-cheong.. (superbly greater than mine)
her's is made of aqualite which is kinda like plaster shaped into flowers and stuff on her nails giving it a 3-D effect.. too bad she won't let me put up the pics coz she says her hands look ugly..
sad to say although i spent RM68 on my nails they didn't even last a week.. i did them last thursday and now they're quit badly chipped off already..
truthfully they're more fun to peel off (they kinda peel of like banana skins) than to have put on! haha.. =P

anyway.. happy chinese new year! from my family to your family!wishing you all a happy and prosperous year of the pig! and many more years to come ^___^

heart* lyn

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