Thursday, February 08, 2007

seeing hannah t in one u

nothing much but i thought i might as well blog about it. i saw hannah tan today @ bakerzin in one u when i was with my mum and her business clients having lunch.
if jj were there he would have had his mouth wide open and starstruck

me? i can't help but realize that
1: she is a really pretty girl and i can understand her popularity

2: why does she always wear white? and all white? from shirt to shorts to slippers!! never heard of other colours which would not get that dirty? or a girl having her period i suppose..

3: if so then is she really a girl or is she a he-she.. hmm??

4: she's pretty so why is she dressed like a complete slut on her album cover instead of something sexy? (by the way slutty never ever equals to sexy!! it's very different when you decide to dress like a prostitute and when you dress hot!)

5: and if you've never heard of hannah tan here's her website
i only know this coz while she was being interviewed on 8tv she mentioned it, it's not like i'm a fan and i googled her. never even heard of her till i got back to kl. and even then when i saw her album cover i really thought.. dam! this girl is a major slut.. see the album cover and you'll know what i mean. but now i admit i think she is quite pretty..

so there. that's the only real interesting i can blog about.
and to jj if you are thinking: damn it lyn you should have got her autograph for me.. well like i said i'm not a fan. and i didn't wanna embarrass myself coz my mum's business clients were there and she looked like she was on a date with someone and didn't wanna be bothered.

hearts + stars
^___^ lyn

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