Thursday, January 25, 2007


haha.. i'm serious!! so this is the first item on the list to save toshiba
it's a mercedes cap

limited edition in silver, (instead of the normal black) and as you can see it's got kimi raikonen's signature sewn into it

and it still has the tags on it! shows that it's never been worn and still in really good condition!
(or else why would i even put it up for sale?)

anyway i'd like to start the bid at $50 first.. so to all my friends out there if you know anyone interested in this item pls spread the word... the price is still negotiable.. but pls give me a good price for it la.. k?? i really need to save toshiba!

ok hope this item sells! **cross my fingers**

and before i forget...

Dear tina...

hope this cheers you up a lil'.. coz i feel your pain with your wisdom tooth...

hugs + stars =) lyn

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miss vanity said...

Thanks loads :) cute bear. Hey why not try EBAY or something. Im sure you can sell loads of stuff there.