Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentine's ranting...

i have to honestly say that if there ever is one day in the whole entire year that i absolutely hate it has to be february 14th. valentine's day is horrible to the absolute max! it is one day that makes singles feel absolutely lonely and couples spend loads and loads of $$money$$ due to the fact that everything from flowers to dinner is so god damn expensive.

no wonder the suicide rate in US of A is the highest on this stupid day..
too lonely = depressed
no money = killed by gf.. haha.. sad..

it has to be the most horrible day that exists in the calender and you know what.. it's all thanks to this stupid guy who wrote a stupid love letter to his girlfriend while he was dying in prison.. wikipedia the story if you must.

anyway it's not like i will be lonely this valentine's. but i don't really wanna go out and face a jam packed kl.. sigh* so to all my dears i hope all of you spend it the way you choose and get happy about it..

alright then that is all my drama ranting for the time being..

anyway.. i'd love to wish miss tina and her other half mr vincent low


pictures from tina's 21st birthday party.. *jealous jealous* the party was planned out so nicely!!

loads of hugs* to you girl!! more mature now.. =p

hearts + stars
^___^ lyn

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