Monday, November 30, 2009

If only i were the emperor of the moon

annie leibovitz for vogue. hansel, gretle and the witch.

i love annie leibovitz's work!! it's so breathtakingly fairytale-like..

pissed tired and blue. monday-itis bug biting me in the ass
listening to one republic - all the right moves

just had dinner with the lovely b*tches. yes my dears you read that right.. i said lovely. and yes i love you too.
and don't you whatever me.

currently angry with chanel for not having what i want in stock.
oh you stuck up bitch that works there. yes it's chanel. so what?
now the credit note just lies there unclaimed. truthfully what i want is only like less than 50% of what he bought me and it's doing my head in constantly going : so how am i going to spend it???
even shopping is giving me a headache.

something is definitely not right.
what it is i just can't put a finger on it.
it's just something. it means something when not even chanel can make me happy//
i probably just need to take a deep breath in and focus my energies on something productive

xoxo Lyn

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