Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes you find what you are looking for in the unexpected...

because when i begin to think that i already know everything there is to know about you, you can still manage to surprise me with the unexpected.
thank you so much for starting off the celebrations with the degustation dinner at attica and also surprising me with that present from chanel the other night out of the blue.

and now for some food porn~

i found that a few of the mains were rather disappointing, and this was one of them. peas in some broth, weren't that fantastic and truthfully tasted kinda like eating chlorofil.. urgh!*

i think out of all the mains this fish with almonds was my favourite one. i even attempted to steal some of kim's one coz i scoffed it all down really quickly~

followed by this steak with asparagus and cauliflower cream~
got pretty amused with this bee carving on the knife, coz i thought it was pretty cute~

truthfully the best part of dinner were the desserts~
this had cognac ice cream in it with mango and tangelo
violet ice cream!!! chef's version of a violet crumble.
i really like this one* but kim preferred the cognac ice cream one.
i wish they packaged their ice creams for customers to bring home!! i'd go back again just to eat their desserts..

the menu for the night~
and the man of the hour

and sometimes i swear you kinda know me better than i know myself.
like tonight when we were walking to buy groceries in russell street..

me: hey you know those leica cameras??
kim : yes i know what you are talking about.
me: really?? then what am i talking about?
kim: the hermes x leica camera righhhttt??? it's $8000...... pounds
me: really?? OMG!! so expensive!! OMG!! HOW YOU KNOW I WAS TALKING ABOUT THAT??

damn!! am i that predictable??

*more pictures from girl's night out next!! i just got them all developed today

xoxo Lyn

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