Friday, December 04, 2009

you are the one thing that i love and hate all at once

tonight i finally managed to get to gill's diner.
and the food was kinda amazing. between us we shared
~ deep fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta and orange served atop soft polenta and honey truffle
~ smoked eel croquettes with aioli
~ pasta dumplings with bay bug broth

the dumplings were a bit of a let down though it was a main
but the zucchini blossoms were really yum!! i've been looking for a place that served them and i found them really good.

dessert was the mini pecan pie at pie face.
if anyone has not been there it's really worth a try. my favourites are the steak pie which is really chunky and the pecan pie (although it is on the sweet side because of the caramel at least it comes in a small helping so it's not like you'll get sick of eating it)
it's really worth a go..

the fella liked the chicken pie i bought for him yesterday (which he only had for brekkie today) that he went back for seconds today straight after dinner..


it's one of those weeks where i only seem to feel exhausted and spent. but then again i don't really remember a time where i felt anything else.
where i just want to pack everything up and bid you farewell. because i am already so emotionally empty whereas you still seem to be constantly taking what you want without giving anything back.

at the moment, it's a continuous internal struggle with myself.
i'm trying to find a compromise between what i want and feel that i deserve, and that which i have. sometimes there are days that i reach a heartbreaking conclusion only to stop short at making a firm stand on things.

i suppose what i might really need at the end of the day is just a good holiday...

xoxo Lyn

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