Sunday, November 15, 2009

you had me at hello

photo credits: cedricbihr

and because my life is constantly a touch&go sorta lifestyle.
the writing bug comes and leaves as it pleases, yet deep inside i think that i can honestly say that i am still partially an exhibitionist even though there are times that i rather prefer privacy behind closed doors.

i still come back here even after long hiatuses because truthfully writing is one of my loves.

so hello there again.

i had an awesome birthday. thank to all my B*s. you are all my fabulousities and words cannot describe how much i love you guys
plenty of stories, bitching and oops i did it again.
and then again there were the people that thankfully i'm not stuck in a yellow submarine singing away my sanity. no matter what you all say, i still think that i would much prefer her not to be around me.
then again let's save this for another day. a visit to my shrink might allow me to solve this problem in a blink of an eye, then again maybe not..

the only thing i can promise is that there will be more pictures in the next post once i get them processed. yes you read that right, they are not all digital.

xoxo Lyn

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