Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad romance..

because at the moment i'm so massively annoyed that all i want to do is scream at you.
this friendship has reached it's an unbelievable toxicity level in my system that when i hear your name/see your face i either want to break something or even better break you into 100s&1000s.
there is no helping it that every single little thing that you do makes me sick and massively annoyed.

sorry but i don't know you anymore. you're not the person you used to be.
maybe then neither am i..

i'm looking for a way to tell your self-centered ass straight up exactly as it is.

because i'm massively pissy-annoyed
at least this is cheering me up at the moment

omg.. hate her or love her i don't really care
Lady Gaga definitely works those mcQueens!! i'm seething with jealousy!!

xoxo Lyn

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