Sunday, May 17, 2009

You spin my head right round..

Georgie- Porgie's birthday - who was already drunk by the time i got there @ 11 p.m.
Cedric's birthday who i have drunk - drunker - drunkest pictures of.
running amok in se7en as usual.. my drunk self. taking pictures with a camera that's fully charged - finally.
of taking pictures of all the LOUD stickers that amused me to no end. especially when everyone had so many stuck on them ie: doreamon Jack. or on their nips ie: desmond..
nx's attempt at bitting my finger of. i swear i heard the word tasty somewhere in there
too many. way TOO MANY pics of the boys being gay - of D.S + ino, and D.S. and D.D. attempting and even MORE SCANDALOUS picture. and D.D. ending up with georgie - Porgie.. coz as we ALL KNOW.. he is the good looking one. drilled too many times into our heads. yes. right he is.. yes HE IS!!
of endless drinks. omg. yes i remember there was an ABC there. and how amusing all our faces looked with that look of OMG YOU DRANK IT disgusting repulsed look. COKE!! please pass the damn coke now!! urgh. smart alec - mat i remember you buying it.
and BT simon got upgraded to BM (bar manager - woot!!)
where i took too many pics of D.S. looking good.. so ohh and he tried to return the favour. which failed. we tried to act as models. and that kinda did fail too.. sigh*

it was all fun and games. till you emo or get kicked out or cut your finger. whatever
it's still a friday night.. and i loves it

*more pics are up on facebook. i can't be bothered anymore with blogspots pic uploading thing*

 xoxo Lyn 

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