Thursday, May 28, 2009

There will always be a handful that you'll love forever..

to the one and only man that will forever be in my 
Happy Birthday Daddy Dearest

**you will always be the super to my calafragalistic** 


i have so many things to do over the next week, it's ridiculous. i f*king hate exams. who doesnt? if you don't you have to go get your head checked. seriously.

lately i've been sporting black nails and darker eye-liner. i like it. it reflects my extremely jaded mood. been feeling like that a lot lately. maybe it's coz of the rain.

sadly this will be the last week that i get to dress in watever i want-  meaning really sloppily with baggy torn jeans and even baggier tops - on a daily basis. work starts next week. back to smart~casual it is then. 

i want a wardrobe make-over!! sigh*

can't f*king wait till exams are over. maybe probably

good sign that it is now f*kfreezingkold. which is awesome for down down down the mountain. not so awesome when you're sick...again... 

oh.. we had a girls night out yesterday at hwaro. will post pics up on that later.

 xoxo Lyn 

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