Sunday, May 03, 2009

Whisper sweet nothings into my ear.. so that as i fall asleep i may also fall into despair

Happy Birthday Iggy..

my lovelies..
yeah.. i'm wearing coloured contacts..
they're a green - brown colour.. 
what do you think? 
aye or nay?

adventures of white boy in asian club - pt1

this story is to be continued.. 
there may actually be a pt2?

i know not many pics to put up coz my camera ran outta batt..


i gravitate towards this something
that became part of the nothingness
and when hope became despair
i wondered what was it that i hoped for
what was it that i yearned for?
and exactly what is it that i've finally lost ?
was this something that i wanted?
i cannot remember
all i've truly lost

yes i'm upset
so much so i feel incapcitated and useless with this heavy feeling
i can't help it
maybe it's karma
but did i do something wrong? 
i'm not sure anymore..
all i know is that it's not just one thing
but so many things put together
that i keep failing to put all of it into words..
so i just can't talk about it
i just feel so lost at the moment..
like i've lost something that made me happy..

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