Monday, May 11, 2009

Tongues always pressed to your cheek..

there are so many things i want at the moment.. 
it's ridiculous!!

i want:

~chanel necklace cc interlock in black

~hermes white bracelet with gold trim

~a shopping spree for AA basics.. yes i want more plain white-Ts

~a pair of nudies..
sh*tloads f~ck.. all my skinnies are becoming eff*ing baggies.. i'm losing more weight than i can gain in time!!! at this rate i'm seriously considering selling my ksubis!!

~samantha willis jewellery.. esp her rings!!

~aMcQ scarf

~Burberry scarf in grey + black

~a new camera.. yes.. fringing hell 
has anyone seen the new ones by canon that is credit card slim!? awesome ..
dslr-s are way too heavy for me.. my old one is in the cupboard collecting dust... shucks*

~mario testino high fashion artistic prints.. (i'm in love with that man's photographs)

~audrey kawasaki prints (shit i missed out on it.. AGAIN!!!)

~stella im' hultberg prints (not her new oil paintings but her old watercolour ones.. i love em loads more..)

i wish i had a trust fund!

i know i'm freaking procrastinating..

ok back to work now...

 xoxo Lyn 

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