Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i LOVE this part right here..

my internet is finally back up to it's regular speed!! ~ yay~

i swear i don't think i can live with a 256k connection - no thanks to a certain some one who finished more than 70% of the quota on downloading the first week we got net.

just attempting to upload these pics a couple of days ago nearly drove me crazy.

thursday night with

the hunies 

at crystal jade ..

the second one from the right is in fact the reverse of a banana..
~inside joke~
 if she takes all her make up off she's in fact chinese looking.. 


i love their winter melon soup!!
me: hehehehe look look!!
M: hehehehehe yeah yeah!! squuiiisshhyyy*
me: yeah yeah!! hahahahaha bouncyy bounccyy..

*proceeds to press them together*
~squiiishhyyy oozzeee out~


rest of the table: (=="""")

sometimes i swear me and M are in a bubble of our own.. 
no one else seems to fully grasp our jokes.. (=/

xoxo lyn 

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GangstaGirl said...

ohhh the pictures looked so lovely....Its such a waste that its not fully publicized...hehehehe....hmmmmm I'm just so tempted.... hahahahahhahah

Love ya hunny!! =)