Wednesday, March 18, 2009

work is up to my eyeballs and drowning me..

the top 10 things i don't want to hear when class has not progressed that far
.. yet.. 
( in no particular order.. )

- you already have assignments due

- you already have presentations due. although they're not graded it's compulsory. 
( then what's the point??? )

- you have to do --x-- weekly. so where is your submission?

- you have 8.30 am - 6.30 pm classes on Tuesdays

- you have9.30 am - 5.30 pm classes on Wednesdays
(mm..hmmm... yes that's my timetable..)

- tutor : blabla BLABLA bla.. ( me no understand? he could be speaking french.. )

- you have to read ---*states extremely long list of readings.. *--- each week

- tutor : so i assume that you all have done the readings for this week. then starts to quote extremely difficult passage.
( when i just got the stupid reader yesterday. it ran out in the bookshop. )

- you have to analyse -- this, this, this -- case study. and how it relates to bla bla bla arguement.
( person who hasn't read the article :  HUUHHH WHAAAttt??!! )

- list of movies you have to watch. 
sounds like fun, till you realize they're all oldies. old as in black and white old..

great. it's only the 3rd week so far!
and i still feel like i haven't really learnt anything. 
regurgitates dust bugs out of brain compartment..

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