Monday, March 30, 2009

just get back up when it knocks you down..

me: i wanna go out..
k: ...
me: i wanna go out on a DATE!!
k: ...
*2 weeks later ~ we went to Trunk *

just like you it's not exactly what i had in mind.
thrown into this mixed-up non-existant something of a nothing, could be the closest thing i have to a something.. 
at times like this i'm just that little bit happy.. even though it's the furthest thing from my definition of perfection..

White Zara long sleeve top
necklace : hand made
drink : apple some-thing..
bag: Lv damier speedy..
company : k
top: polo ralph lauren
glasses: tag heuer

coz you and i.. always, once twice, forever and again. rewind or fast forward makes no difference.. we're always like this, always the same..
no matter how many times.. 
just press play.. 

for those of you who might just be thinking this or wondering about it..
yes, i'm still single..
 xoxo lyn 

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