Friday, May 02, 2008

Party Pictures

this blog has had a deficiency in photographs for a very long time now.
since my camera got stolen last year i haven't been bothered purchasing a new one..
*sponsorships however will be very appreciated if anyone wants to donate to the ~buy lyn a new camera fund~
i promise to take as many photos as i possibly can of you and with you to be posted up on this blog*
so here a little dump of pictures stolen by people who have tagged me on facebook..

with Sabby at CQ@Easter.. yeah it's been that long..

yea it's been that long

at se7en the last time..
DJRev.. he's not as gangsta as he protrays himself to be..
happfying colours behind the DJ console..
this is my give me my alcohol or else face..
drink of the day: still chamboard lemonades..

what amazes me was suhan ordering a drink called pussy whip that night.
couldn't stop laughing coz he said it with an extremely straight face...

Berno's 21st birthday at CrownTowers Suite

i was drunk and watching dragonball on the toilet Tv.. awesomeness..


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