Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kiss kiss bang bang

it's all about the slut face love this week.. yea babes if you reading this.. bask in my love
there you are the most Beefalicious babes i know.. hugs
call it whatever you want
it's support when you most need it

if that doesn't help, shoot me in the head.. it'll hurt less

it's all the random rantings due to low-sugar-levels in my blood
can anyone spell C-H-E-E-S-E-C-A-K-E ?? and Mrs fields combo?? NICEEE...
exam time should also mean let's get fat while munching during studies time

7 last week sucked. it sucked so bad the amount of alcohol i was having just didn't help.
i wish i did an Alfie.. lucky fella got drunk enough to not remember anything. WHY??
the world gets unfair when alcohol has lost it's effect on me. is that a good thing or a bad?
i really should have just stayed at cho gao. they were at least smoking crack there.
yes... i love hanging out with crazy-pot-smoking-bastards

by the way, this does not mean i'm starting to drink ABCs.. just coz i dun get drunk doesn't mean i want to consume something that tastes god-aweful
whoever put that idea into your head better just fuck off..

honestly, this just ain't my week. crap* make that month
it feels like an avalanche of work + bad news all cramped into one.

and in case you still didn't know...
i hate Blythe Dolls.. scratch that..
I FUCKING HATE Blythe Dolls... and Pumpkin Patch dolls
why no just throw Barbie into that list to make it complete
but Blythe is the creepiest thing in the world.. those eyes.. someone should try scratching them out to make them look less creepy...

still.. remember..
this is love the slut face week!!

kiss kiss bang bang.
if you're not dead then it better hurt like hell..


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