Friday, May 16, 2008

Pitfalls and Betrayals

you know no matter how much you plan, your best laid plans would usually be put to waste.
things never ever really go according to plan do they? and although it sucks, life's just like that.

i really wanted to run away. i really wanted to just finish it, get it all over with and out of my system. but instead i have to burn up all my plans. and although it's much easier to cry, scream and kick up a tantrum about it i'm 21. i'm suppose to be mature and just accept it and do my best to survive..

i love you that much and no matter how much i pray and hope that things didn't work out this way, what else can i say. i still love you. crap if i didn't, it won't hurt this much. it still feels like betrayal.


by the way those of you who don't know the truth just shut up and stop making assumptions. you'll be no where close to the truth
i'll never ever tell you what this is about anyway...

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