Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ksubi love

i haven't been blogging because of mainly 2 reasons:
1: i'm laazzee...
2: i have nothing to blog about

my day is pretty much a set routine of work, to pay my rent, feed my stomach and other problematic addictions, such as my make-believe rounds of alcoholism, relapses of thinking i'm a real chimney and the retail therapy which helps prevent me from wasting money on a psychologist. and fulfilling uni's requirement to attend tutorials, lectures and hand in my assignments

so over the weekend, i decided before i went crazy from settling into another monotonous round of routines, i went to the ksubi sale.
one of my yearly pilgrimages to the land of happiness and joy in the form of another pair of jeans, or two..
because they were reduced from the 250-300 range and going for only 130 a pair.. i bought 2
( this is the bit where the shame and guilt starts to kick in..)

the guilt because i spent so much of what little running-away funds i have
and the shame because: yes lor, i broke our pinky promise.
well at least the combination of the 2 does not wipe out the happiness from the purchases..

i can resist everything but temptation, proves that i am human after all...
and i really have to stop buying jeans. i think this is past my 30th pair point, i am beyond hopeless when it comes to designer denim.


to jd *just in case you are reading this*

i won't go out with you because of so many reasons at the top of my head that i don't even know where to begin. maybe coz i think that you just want to sleep with me may be a good place to start. maybe coz i think you're not very sincere and that you lie all the time to get what you want. maybe because i know that you are with your gf even tho you've continuously denied it all the time it comes up. maybe coz i think you're a jerk and i think i deserve hell a lot better. thanks, but no thanks.


and to JJK:
june is still too far for me to tell you. i can tell you all that is happening in may: tiesto is coming
the musical guys and dolls. 7 presenting fantasy
the endless ballets that are still performing.
i suppose *cross your fingers* snow season hits early
then you can hit the slopes in june.

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