Thursday, January 25, 2007

i wanna cry i tell you.. i got toshiba fixed but it was still running really slow.. so i sent to the toshiba-man to fix..
he said he will install a new hard drive and fan for me... and i thought the previous guys already fixed the fan.. but no.. *sob* paid $250 for nothing...
then i got toshiba back for 4 days and now spoilt again!!
i wanna *sob sob!!* so sad i tell you!!
so i am going to start selling stuff on this site to pay for a new lappie... hopefully ppl will spread the news for me... coz i know my site is not that popular.. but i need the money to buy/ fix toshiba!!
poor toshiba.. after 4 years give me so much headache!! **sobbsss**

anyway on a happier note...

a little older, a little wiser i suppose! hope you like the present i have install for you when i see you this saturday! =)

hearts + stars =) lyn

1 comment:

miss vanity said...

O! i hope toshiba will survive!! Big hugs! :)