Sunday, January 14, 2007

i'm so sorry this came out late mr liew!
but since you are so bored and all alone in melbourne i hope this cheers you up! and puts a smile on your face =)

pictures from sean's birthday:
how many candles can you put on a cake before it burns?


anyway has anyone been wondering what the hell is wrong with new parents these days. i mean why are people naming their children with such weird ass names like tom cruise and katie holmes's baby : suri cruise?
what the hell if the poor kid were in malaysia ppl would be thinking hey suri rumah ah (maid in malay) her name? teased to death man that poor baby... thank god she lives in america. where they'd think it's cool and ignorant towards this little fact. plus i mean her parents are popular so she'll grow up just fine.
but seriously people if you're thinking of names for your kids why give them such weird ass names?
another example brad pitt and angelina jolie's baby... shihloh pitt
for god's sake i know they're into the whole adopt a baby from impoverished countries thing but shihloh if they haven't realized is an AMERICAN! so why not just give her a proper AMERICAN name? instead of something that sounds remotely african... true she might not get teased coz she has a super hot dad and a super hot mum that would most likely equal to her being hot and popular in school... like DUH! it's in the genes
but big wake up call : the baby is not BLACK or AFRICAN.. although i read somewhere she wasn't born in america..
so folks name your kids proper!
if not they'll get teased and beaten up in school.. have you ever thought about that?

heart + stars =) lyn

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