Wednesday, August 02, 2006

just the other day i was having this conversation with this gal,evelyn i just got introduced to by my sexy black sambucan brother (rubi) and we just got along talking. somehow our conversation ended up to singapore's most talked about girls xia xue and dawn young (if you really don't know who i am talking about here : and honestly, i don't know these 2 girls personally so i really wouldn't want to bitch unnessacarily about them.

however i was just asking evelyn how the hell did these 2 girls get so god damn popular without even really doing anything. seriously does anyone know what they do for a living? are they movie stars?? NO... are they pop stars?? again... NO... however they are BLOGSTARS! (well that is something i have decided to call them) and how do these blog stars get famous?? ermm... exactly what i would be doing now.. blog... that is why i could not even comprehend what was going on, because at first i thought that blogs were just a way to let friends and family who are far away know what is going on in your own life, i didn't realize it could be a way to get famous...

however i still didn't get it. as in i still couldn't understand what is singapore's obsession with them... so this really nice girl starts to explain. that dawn is famous for being pretty thanks to the fact that she is plastic* (term for those who have had plastic surgery) and well i was like *WOW!* and well xiaxue she couldn't really explain to me.. something about her speaking her mind and sounding crass about it. (no offence to the xia xue fans out there coz i have seen her website and loads of people seem to side her speaking her mind.. i think that it is a good thing that a girl can speak her mind. at least it's much better today than in the 17th century for us gals)

anyway so these gals are popular coz they are pretty and blog. if that is the case right now i am wondering why not more supermodels blog? can you imagine how many people would visit their site if they did? they could even cash in on it. haha.. that's an idea to models out there.. wanna be famous? be a BLOGSTAR! haha

anyway, back to the topic evelyn wa really talking about> about being plastic.

so this gal dawn got plastic surgery to look more beautiful, and we're thinking why? why is the world so obssessed with being pretty so much? whatever happened to being the nice guy? are we really that shallow.. due to dawn being famous because of being plastic, is that what we are trying to teach the younger generation? being pretty is all that matters, nothing else? and you can become famous as long as you are pretty. who cares about being a nice person then?

i suppose if all the surgery and make-up makes you feel good about yourself. fine.. i get it, you want to have the confidence of people constantly oggling at you. knowing that when you walk down the street, people think you are really that pretty. deep inside i would rather have people like me when i am ugly instead, at least i know that they are true friends that accept me for who i am, whether i am ugly of beautiful, they're still there for me. conclusion is, at least i met someone out there who is a firm believer in growing old gracefully, and that beauty is only fleeting and temporary. (thanks evelyn!)

*true beauty comes from the inside*

lyn =)

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