Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walk a while with me.. but i hope you remember this moment forever..

photo credits : fuckyeahfashion
within that nano-second
i finally am able to just breathe...
and attempt to break free...

last week has probably been the worse most traumatizing weeks of my life
i possibly am more fragile that i thought..
i should be stronger and not let the little things get to me but sometimes it's tough

i think i came out of that looking something like this :

all shaken and broken with the bruises to prove it..
now to somehow put all those pieces together and fix what's left that hasn't yet fallen away..

thank you for trying to make up for it with the little presents..

i miss you all a lot still.
can i exchange this for you all to come back to me again??

xoxo Lyn

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