Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the end to an era..

sitting across R from dinner it finally hits..
it is time to say goodbye..
the end of an era. time to say goodbye to our innocence.

and i still wonder how the years manage to run us by. i said we should definitely have been there for each other more often than we have. and at the moment you leave me with a feeling of elated lows..
he looks at me and says.
"you've been there more often than you realize. if not we wouldn't be here now. we'll meet again i promise, once we conquer the world and have the stars under our feet.and trust me my love nothing will change even then."

like T's words so beautifully etched on his chest as a constant reminder:
"shoot for the moon, even if you fall you'd land amongst the stars"

photo credits : helmut newton

these pictures somehow remind me of you. it's this crazy glamourous lifestyle only seen with rose-coloured glasses that is somehow captured in them. thanks for letting me experience it at least once during this lifetime.

i'll miss you. ALL OF YOU. and in no particular order.
now it is time to grow up and face reality isn't it.

xoxo Lyn

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