Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm not dead. Just barely alive.

I've not had the initiative to write in a long while simply because work has eaten up my life.
My eyebags already cover half my face and i probably go a lil overboard as i reach for those eye creams and face masks.
The prettier and more unreadable the packaging is in japanese/taiwanese the more i love it and swear it works wonders.
Sometimes the crazy does bubble up in the most unexpected ways.

and pssttt... i can't wait for the 25th of June.

mark fast x topshop.

i absolutely love his London Fashion Week dresses!!
how gorgeous are they.. but then again it's not like i'll ever be able to afford the real thing..
thank god for high street diluted fashion!
picture credits : insideout topshop

i honestly wish i could pull of the sultry, sexy relaxed jane birkin vibe..
i know i'm delusional and probably will never be able to.. (c'mon look at how hot her bod is!!)
but that doesn't stop me from day dreaming about it!!

picture credits: nastygirl blog

anyway, tillwemeetagain..
au'revoir and lotsa bisous.. xoxo
xoxo Lyn

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