Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello there o9..

i hope everyone has had a fabulous new year.
i'm currently in the sunnier side up north back at home with the family. this coupled with the fact that i've been ronda-rondaing KL non-stop since i got back i haven't had time to update this blog.

and ever since i landed all i've been doing is eat. eat. eat.
* damn i've gained some weight. *
urghh... gym anyone?

i haven't made many resolutions this year, but as usual there are a few that are at the top of the list:
*in no particular order here*

~ to graduate
(it's been taking some time isn't it?)

~ get healthier
(not so fun stomach ulcer has been a huge wake up call)

~ stress and anger management

~ get a job to make more moo
(moo is a very important factor for shopping and self maintanence.. sigh)

~ to get rid of all the rubbish cycles in my life that has caused the stress and buckets after buckets of tears this year

~ to build up project-SLY

~ to spend more time with the family

~to love myself more

yes i'm hoping to stick to all of that this year. like i said earlier i'm not going to sacrifice more of myself. i shall have the damn cake and eat all of it!!
* ok that cake i'm talking about is going to be about the size of a cupcake.. preferably one of little cupcakes belgium choc with cream chesse icing.. mmmhmmm.. *

KL pics*

mummy dearest

left -> right = eldest -> youngest

the compulsory visit to lunatrying to balance spoons on our noses.. me = complete fail due to flat nose and non-existant bridge
my chicas..

i'll be back in melbourne in the next few days..
*urghh* back to the routine of working and slaving away for moo and a degree..
i'm so going to miss this


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