Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why can't i have this??

i currently feel like a hormonal teen with my body out of whack and high on lust.

great.. just fuck-flying-fantastic..

and this is the object of my lust-filled fantasies.. OMG so hot can melt...
i'm currently a pool of melted butter sitting at my desktop at work. I'm putty at the sight of this guy..

why did God/Buddha/Jesus/Allah/almighty power (*take your pick*) make something so hot that i can't have?? WHHHYYYY????

life is so freaking unfair.

i finally have an answer to that "What do you look for in a BOYFRIEND?" question.

answer: i want Daniel Henney the way he was in the movie Seducing Mr Perfect!!

screw the whole i am looking for a guy who is sweet on the inside bla bla bla nonsense i've been spewing all these years. i want a hot boy. and believe me, i know how shallow that sounds at the moment.

if i promise to be good for an entire year will Santa please, pretty please *with a cherry on top* give me one Daniel Henney for Christmas this coming year?

a girl can dream right?


i might just end up watching Wolverine Origins a few hundred times just coz of this guy.. hurry up and release the movie already!!!

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