Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Weekend Sunshine

it's on days like these that i thank the upper echelons i have you guys to count on..

i couldn't help but feel down n out last saturday. so R+A took me out to:for some Little Creatures

happy colours ~
*this is R's fav t-shit by the way..
and in his words :
"HK Disneyland robbed me in bright day-light and all i got at the end of the day is this t-shirt"and while laying on the grass and watching ferris wheels spin round n round..

we had ice cream, and watched our shadows grow long..
and even tried to look for the elusive 4 leaf clover..
*without any success tho

and at the end of the day..
thank you for bringing me to all your can eat steamboat

thank you for surrounding me with all your positive energy + love+ support
it's exactly the pick me up i need.
you guys are the best

xoxo lyn

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