Thursday, September 04, 2008

Getting time off

I've been sick for a week... thus the lack of updates

it's so depressing when you're sick. can't go breathe properly, can't go out, can't do anything that you wanna do..
this is the main reason i didn't attend Merdeka night at CQ.
yea aunty was sick at home not partying ok!!

so you find all the pick me ups you can:

fresh strawberries + earl grey in my shinji katoh mug!!

that mug is damn cute ok!! i'll take a better picture of it next time!!

and for company..

my son + watching gossip girl.

yes, i finally found time to watch gossip girl!!
haha the only benefits from being sick is that i get to watch all the tv i want!

still in recovery but already back at work now tho.. sigh


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