Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting Healthy!

i spent the whole of last sunday with my head stuck in the orifices of caroma. what a spectacularly charming way to say i got acquainted with my toilet bowl and emptied my guts out. i had to do a double take and make sure that my insides weren't flushed down.

being sick means i've lost about 4kgs. and look like a walking stick figure. i suppose for those who are attempting to lose weight, they'll be starring daggers at me thinking :
bitch what the f** are you complaining about?

but for me i'm getting my arse round to getting healthy.

the first round was this superbly healthy dinner i cooked last night:
Fettucine with homemade tomato sauce + pan fried scallops
and rocket salad + garlic prawns + avocado crab


and today for lunch i didn't grab mcDs

i got g'rlled
after all it was their motto that sold me :

also, even though i've been this sick i think that i've been a damn champion coz i still got 2 of my essays done in time and handed in. so i've cleared my way for a good round of doing what-ever-it-is i feel like this weekend.

i'm promising myself not to shop anymore because the past couple of weeks this is what i've bought:
(MissVanity this is specially up for you since you asked!)

a new set of Dior..
I only wanted to get my moisturizer and i ended up with this!! but the eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous!!

can everyone see my new toy??
canonIXUS in pink!! i love it!!
that's what's contributing to all the new pictures!!

also the black top i'm wearing on the inside and this:

mauve sweater

are both from American Apparel
i love their clothes! they're so comfy and easy to match with anything! but their shipping is dreadful! i still haven't gotten my pants yet! and it's been 3 weeks already!!

also for study music:
KatyPerry. The album is quiet good with it's catchy tunes. if you love "I Kissed a Girl" i really recommend this album!

there are more clothes to come from asos. but they still haven't arrived yet.. i can't wait!!
don't you just love getting parcels in the mail??
so more pics later on!


ps: to G~ Hey i just read your comment!! sorry! yes i know i'm terrible at such things
i got them from this place called EbonyM on Toorak Rd South Yarra.
Helpful tip: there's this online website that does sell them too! and they usually have good sale prices if you know your size already *click*
hope that's helpful for you!

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