Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Random bits

on a brighter note on a gloomy day..

the launching piece for projectSLY

after repeatedly trying to photograph this piece, the outcome still does not do it any justice
the pearls are not white they are cream coloured!!

but out of the entire collection this will be the only piece not for sale
sorry loves but i made it especially for JaneJane for her birthday

everything will be released as soon as i get my arse and my "photographer" outta lazy gear

and as promised..

pictures from Jacques Reymond
i only have 2 pictures outta the 10 course meal unfortunately..

the squid ink pasta with blue craband my favourite dish of the night:
the beef with crunchy keropok bits..

that's all i have to show for a $220 /head dinner
sorry to disappoint but i was too busy enjoying my meal and getting drunk..

and just coz he hasn't made an appearance in a long time:

it's because he has continuously put up with a crazy mum
and he accompanied me on my weekend "rehab"

so i think he really deserves a post for always being there for me to cuddle..


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