Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Loving this moment

welcome to the nights of drunken debauchery and love baby..
it's the end of exams. end of the semester..
let's all drink to that and the nights of happiness to come

@Wah wah lounge with TheKuuuu

in case anyone is wondering.. yes he is pimping off my LV speedy
it's not his!!! IT'S MINEEEE!!!

then at Se7en-

my fav miss vanity was there.. and matthew :)

Sabby.. love you long time too!!
i think i heard that line a couple of times that night.. felt like i was getting picked up by girls at the end of it.. lols
i love this pic heaps tho!!

French martinis!!
this is not how you're supposed to pose with your drinks

Let missTina show you how:

see the poise! see the grace..
Damn something i don't possess :p

this is my fav bartender in all of se7en!!
at the end of the night.. this is what he said:
you know you are creating a trend!! everyone has been ordering what you are ordering!!
and in case anyone is wondering what that would be, they are whipped pussy shots and french martinis.. nicee..
and i tipped him so much that at the end of the night not only did he refuse to take anymore tips, he even bought me and MissT drinks instead..

awww.. such a schweetie..

look him up at the mambo room in 7!!
this pic i have no idea what is happening..
Rachell looks like she's in love with my boobs..
can someone explain this picture to me!!!???

i love the love..
no more exams
and more love


ps: i don't have pics from jacques reymond yet.. will post them up when i get my hands on them!!

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Bee Fong said...

omg your bartender looks hot? bring me when i'm in melb, babes?